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Silver plating is one of the oldest metal plating processes known to man. First developed in the mid-19th century, silver was plated for decorative purposes on hollowware and flatware, greatly reducing material costs when compared to pure ‘silverware’ counterparts.

Throughout history the application of gold coatings has been a common practice among civilizations. Originally mechanically applied for decorative and anti-corrosion applications in the form of gold-leaf, electrodeposited gold was first demonstrated in the early 1800’s.
Tin plating is a highly valued metal finish due to its unique set of properties. Tin has been utilized in some capacity by humans for over 5000 years. At the start of the Bronze Age, tin alloys (1-10% tin) were used to make bronze for weapons and shields dating to around 3000 B.C. Later, tin was isolated in a more pure forms, leading to the discovery of pewter (85-99% tin).
Nickel plating is a highly useful engineered coating with both decorative and industrial uses. The first chemically sound nickel plate was described around 175 years ago in 1843. However, the field of electroplating in general, and nickel plating in particular, sprung to life after O.P. Watt’s introduction of the famous “Watts-Nickel” bath in 1915.
Electroless Nickel (EN) plating provides a highly uniform binary deposit of nickel and an alloying element (i.e. phosphorous) that demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance even in “part-unfriendly” environments. EN plating differs from traditional electroplating in that it is an autocatalytic process.
We maintain and utilize cyanide copper plating/strike tanks. At A Square our copper tanks are typically used as an underlayment for other metal finishes. However, if requested, we can furnish parts plated with copper as a final coat as well.

Selective Plating

We utilize 40+ years of selective plating experience to develop the perfect mask for each individual part.

Precious Metal Plating

We can tailor our plating methods to maximize a particular characteristic: hardness, solderability, color, reflectivity, corrosion resistance and etc.

Full-Part Manufactuing

In the ever changing economic landscape of the manufacturing world, let us handle the headaches of sourcing quality parts and reputable suppliers


A Square will be pleased to quote prices for our services in a timely manner. We will work with your parts, drawings, and specifications to determine the best price that we can offer. Our prices are quoted per piece–not by pound, lot, or other vague measure!

A Square also offers precious metal plating with prices pegged to the metal market at the time of shipment. This method offers a cost reduction because it removes the future market estimation from the pricing.